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Terminal Operations Duty Manager

Reports to: Terminal Director

Location: Everett, Washington

Position Summary

The Terminal Operations Duty Manager reports directly to the Terminal Director and oversees the day-to-day operation of the terminal and its ancillary facilities while on duty. This highly visible representative of Propeller Airports Paine Field is the primary point of contact for information regarding daily operational issues while on duty. The Terminal Operations Duty Manager may at times be the most senior representative of Propeller on-site and as a result will be primary operational point-of-contact available to airlines, airport customers, contractors, airport employees and all others who may have concerns regarding the terminal operation. Frequent, consistent and proactive contact with tenants, peers, government agents and the public is essential.

The Terminal Operations Duty Manager will ensure that the terminal and its ancillary facilities operate safely, efficiently, and in compliance with all regulations and sound operating practices. The Terminal Operations Duty Manager will coordinate and oversee gate assignments, CUTE equipment assignments, ground handling activities, terminal curb frontage, ground transportation activities, parking lots, and other operational areas. This position includes rotating shifts that include evenings, late nights, weekends and public holidays.

Responsibilities and Duties

• Direct supervision of all shift personnel
• Develop and implement operating procedures
• Proactively manage and monitor airport expenditures
• Evaluate the Terminal’s operation to improve customer service, productivity and efficiency
• Assist terminal staff and personnel team members with resolution of work-related complaints and issues
• Conduct and record self-inspections and take appropriate action to resolve issues;
• Coordinate construction or renovation projects with in-house service providers or third-party contractors and vendors
• Coordinate and manage all actives of the Terminal including, but not limited to, terminal, ramp, groundside and parking operations
• Monitor maintenance and/or construction projects and programs, and the general day-to- day maintenance of the facility, including potential hazards to Terminal employees and the public
• Arrange for urgent and/or emergency repairs or services by internal or external sources
• Monitor and manage Terminal Safety Management Systems
• Monitor the performance of airlines, tenants, concessionaires and others to ensure their adherence to Propeller, FAA or Airport policies and programs, rules and regulations, processes and procedures
• Monitor and manage compliance with TSA Airport Security and tenant security responsibilities
• Supports emergency management and incident command, responding to all terminal emergencies and incidents
• Provides tenant access to special areas as required
• Renders Lost & Found assistance after-hours, including intake/release of items and proper direction of inquiries
• Communicates consistently and proactively to keep Propeller management appraised of situations and conditions impacting the normal operation of the terminal and ancillary facilities
• Ensures adequacy of protective security measures of the security perimeter fencing to prevent unauthorized entry to the airside or other restricted areas of the Terminal
• Monitors weather reports and OAG flight schedules to determine potential for irregular operations (“IROPS”); coordinate with airlines and ground handlers as required to minimize the impact or IROPS and maintain efficient operation of the Terminal
• Inspects Terminal facilities, floors, restrooms, garbage bins and windows to ensure a clean and professional airport facility
• Completes and/or reviews all reports, forms and logs pertaining to operational activities during assigned shifts for accuracy and completeness
• Manages emergency situations and IROPS, activates and manages the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) as required with adherence to proper emergency call-out procedures
• Orders operating supplies as required
• Hosts operations briefings with major stakeholders as required
• Responds to complaints from staff, air carriers, tenants, concessionaries and the general public
• Actively participates in Incident/Accident investigations for “lessons learned” and providing recommendations for corrective actions


• Knowledge of airport operation, theory, systems, and design
• Strong leadership and mediation skills, with a focus on effective communications and superior customer service
• Effective oral/written communication skills, and the ability to present to groups of various understanding
• Mathematical ability sufficient for computation related to weather, space allocation, gate assignments, etc.
• Professional radio communication methods and etiquette
• Strong computer and software skills
• Ability to interpret technical journals and read mechanical drawings
• Ability to gather information quickly, prioritize and take appropriate action, many times in stressful and/or disorganized situations
• Must remain on call or on duty during airport/terminal emergencies
• Must be able to complete and pass a background investigation and drug screening as required by the Federal Government and aviation-related authorities

Education and Experience

• Bachelor’s degree preferred, preferably in an aviation related field
• Three years of experience in aviation/airport terminal operations at a public use airport or military installation
• Preferred: Additional experience as a pilot/crew member, air carrier operations, military airfield operation, airline management, airline dispatch, air traffic control, or similar profession
• Must have supervisory experience
• Combination of experience will be taken into consideration

Work Conditions

• Works rotating shifts which will include weekends, night shifts, holidays, and “on call” as needed. The Propeller Terminal may be operated on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis
• At times, may be exposed to heat, cold, rain/snow in a noisy environment
• Walking, standing and sitting
• Attentiveness to work procedures will reduce potential risk to injury in work areas
• Lifting and transporting moderately heavy objects, such as computers and peripheral up to 50 lbs.
• Responsible for other duties as assigned

Propeller Airports Paine Field is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This position requires a detailed background investigation.

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