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The all-new Passenger Terminal at Paine Field in Everett will offer travelers from Seattle and Northwest Washington a time-saving choice for commercial air flights up and down the West Coast. The terminal's ease of use and location just ten minutes from I-5 will make it the ideal choice for passengers looking for a world-class travel experience paired with the attention to detail only a smaller airport can provide.

Still under construction, the new terminal is already booked to capacity thanks to partnerships with Alaska and United Airlines and will serve nine destinations, beginning February 2019.

A World-Class Experience

Our promise:

  • A customer-centric terminal designed for convenience and ease of use, with the goal of getting travelers from curb to gate in ten minutes or less
  • Tranquil, lounge-like environs featuring fireplaces, exposed wood details, and floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the Olympic Mountains
  • Valet Parking
  • Locally sourced food, alcohol, and coffee offerings
  • Electrical outlets at virtually every seat
  • Fast, reliable wifi throughout the terminal

About Propeller Airports

Propeller Airports is a leader in the privatization and development of airports in the United States, focused on transforming airports and their operations through public-private partnerships.

Inspired by the innovative thinking that led former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to sell government-owned airports such as London's Heathrow to private enterprise, Propeller Airports partners with strategically placed airports around the country that offer unique opportunities to create new economic engines for their local communities.

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