Security Screening

The Paine Field Passenger Terminal is proud to work in partnership with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to provide the highest level of security screening. We offer three TSA security screening lanes. For those passengers who are eligible for TSA Pre✓® screening, please look for the queue with that designation.

To proceed through the TSA checkpoint, you will need a current government-issued ID and a valid boarding pass. TSA officers may need to conduct a bag check if the x-ray scan cannot determine its contents.

Our goal is to get you from curb to gate in as little as 15 minutes, but we still advise that you arrive early for your flight, especially during high-volume travel times. Check in with your airline for specific info about their preferred check-in and boarding cutoff times.

TSA Rules & Regulations

Some basic things to keep in mind before approaching the TSA security screening checkpoint:

All passengers:

If you are not eligible for TSA Pre✓®:

For more information, please visit the Transportation Security Administration website.