Health & Safety

Health & Safety At Paine Field

Since the Paine Field passenger terminal's inception, our goal has been to provide every guest that travels through the terminal with an exceptional experience. The current state of affairs caused by the global pandemic has only amplified our team's determination to exceed guest expectations.

In April, Propeller Airports implemented a new fever detection system that detects elevated body temperatures in guests prior to entering TSA screening at the terminal. Developed by Athena Security, the Elevated Body Temperature Detection System is a non-invasive, non-contact technology that alerts airport personnel when a passenger has a fever. The system provides fast, accurate mass screening, allowing airport staff members and airlines to assist any guest who may be unwell and unable to travel.

In addition to increasing the frequency of traditional cleaning and sanitization methods, Propeller has strategically placed disinfection stations and directional signage throughout the terminal. We are committed to the health, safety and well-being of our guests. Because of the private nature of the terminal, Propeller has the ability to implement innovative technologies and unique services that can improve, and even revolutionize, the air travel experience. Passengers utilizing the terminal at Paine Field can fly with peace of mind and arrive at their destinations feeling healthy and well.

What to Expect When Traveling

  • The terminal is currently open to ticketed passengers only and is operating on a limited schedule surrounding arrivals and departures.
  • Please check with your airline prior to arriving at the terminal to ensure your flight arrangements have not changed and you are prepared to travel.
  • Parking is currently only available in Premium Lot 1. Premium Lot 2, Premium Lot 3 and Economy Parking are temporarily closed. Premium Lot 1 will be charged at Economy Lot rates. Valet Service has been temporarily suspended.
  • Passengers with ADA accessibility needs who require assistance should call Concierge to make arrangements prior to arrival: (425) 622-9054
  • Washington State currently requires face masks or cloth face coverings be worn in all public spaces. Masks are required to be worn at all times in the terminal facilities.
  • Prepare for possible changes in services, many businesses have altered their services and hours.
  • We ask that you comply with social distancing requirements and do not travel if you are feeling unwell or have been recently exposed to someone who is sick.

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